Intelligent Moisture & Environment
Monitoring For Plastics & Agriculture

Ensuring The Highest Quality Of Your Product Through
Continuous & Unsupervised AI-Driven Monitoring

Innovative Sensing Technologies

Advanced Sensor Fusion Algorithms

Cutting Edge
Precision Design

Application-Specific Solutions

Swiss Designed

SensDRB is disrupting the plastics and agriculture industries by bringing Swiss precision and craftmanship to the forefront of cutting-edge sensor technology. SensDRB is making advanced AI-driven autonomous monitoring systems accessible to small and medium-sized businesses through its commitment to quality, innovation, and affordability. Experience the power of Swiss precision and elevate your business to new heights.

Smart Solutions
For Agriculture

Advanced Monitoring Technology For Agriculture.

Spoiled and damaged crops can result in significant financial losses. SensDRB’s continuous and unsupervised Smart Remote Grain Monitoring System utilizes advanced moisture probes, sensor arrays, and specialized sensor fusion algorithms to prevent spoilage by maintaining optimal moisture levels and ideal conditions ensuring your harvest always stays fresh and undamaged.

Precision Moisture
Monitoring System

Advanced Moisture Sensing Systems for Plastics Technology.

Overdried or under-dried pellets can result in product defects, production downtime, and increased scrap rates. SensDRB’s advanced AI-driven moisture sensing technology is revolutionizing the industry by doing away with time-based drying and heralding in the new era of condition-based drying.

Who We Are ...

SensDRB is on a mission to make high-tech autonomous AI-driven sensor array systems, combined with Swiss accuracy and sensor fusion algorithms, affordable for small and medium-sized businesses.

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