Silobolsas: remote monitoring against vandalism and other losses

The “SensDRB” system is a development of an Argentine based in Switzerland. It is a cane that, among other functions, measures the humidity of the grain.

 few broken silo bags raised attention to rural insecurity. It is urgent and necessary . But at the same time, they generated great interest in remote monitoring systems for everything that happens around this extraordinary flexible storage solution. Not everything is vandalism: there are many sources of loss that, due to their size, can leave bag breakers in a bad situation.

At the Expoagro 2019 Tecnódromo , a device developed by Diego Barrettino, an Argentine electronic engineer who has lived in Switzerland for 20 years , where he dedicated himself to teaching for fifteen years, and to the development of microchips for different applications , was presented . Until he detected the opportunity for remote monitoring of the silobolsas. He is the son of Umberto Barrettino, a grain selector expert from the province of Santa Fe, so he sucked on the subject since he was a boy.

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